Commericial Aviation & Airports


The nature of airports means communications are the centre of achieving successful, safe and on-time operations – and these communications need to deal with a wide variety of different environments.

From refuelling areas to air traffic control, hospitality, baggage and duty free to security, airports require communications that can handle complex combinations of voice and data.

The demands for robust security and rapid incident response are changing and growing daily.

Airport communications challenges are not just focused on staff - delivery of an outstanding passenger experience while maintaining smooth passenger flow throughout the airport is vital.

This demands a wide variety of different communications technologies, which somehow need to be unified and centralised.

Rheinberry's approach to your problems...


Rheinberry's experience in systems design has delivered integrated systems and solutions to airport operators with diverse groups of users.

Rheinberry's consultative approach considers the needs of all stakeholders and architectural roadmaps in these varied environments. We know that passenger experience is just as important as employee efficiency, and that customer-focused services such as WiFi sit at the heart of this.

The results...?

From baggage sortation control systems, to cabin baggage X-ray scanners, the solutions provided meet the individual system and hardware requirements of the many different teams across an airport.

Most importantly, these solutions work integrate seamlessly into the rest of  the airport’s technical infrastructure, and to support smooth passenger flow throughout the airport.