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Business Change & Stakeholder Management


In today’s dynamic digital landscape, technology can be truly transformative.

But how do you decide exactly what to transform, how and, most importantly, why?

How do you map the relationship between your business goals, processes and the technical capabilities of communications devices and channels?

How do you ensure that the hardware and software you choose is aligned to your business goals – today and in the future?

Rheinberry's business and IT transformation services are focused on ensuring that change in your organisation delivers the results you need in an efficient and effective manner.

Business Process Improvement & Analysis


Business and technology change projects should not be implemented from the top down.

To be effective and successful, they should begin with an analysis of existing business process, clear identification of where improvements are needed and a strategic understanding of what those improvements will mean.

Rheinberry has experience in consultancy across a broad range of sectors, both public and private - you can be sure you will be working with consultants who can rapidly get to grips with your business needs, down to the finest detail, and enable improvements through our extensive communications and technology expertise.

Technical Architecture Services


Technology change projects alter the technical architecture underpining your organisation. Without a comprehensive map of what that architecture currently looks like – the human interaction and data flows that currently exist, the vendors, manufacturers and application developers you are working with, the upgrades and patches that have been applied and the bottlenecks that you need to fix – you are fighting an uphill battle.

Rheinberry's technical experts will generate a comprehensive picture of your current technical architecture, identifying not only where changes could be made but also how they can be made – with minimum disruption and without negating your previous investments.

Training to achieve transformation


Technology does not exist in isolation. It is used by people – and nowhere is this more apparent than in communications technology. To maximise the effectiveness of your change project, you need to train your staff in understanding the changes taking place, and in optimising the new technology and processes they will be using.

Rheinberry's team of experts provide training across all aspects of business and IT transformation, from planning through implementation and delivery, to ongoing evaluation and optimisation.